Banner Savings for Travel Leaders Corporate’s Clients in Q4 2015

Business travel costs dropped for Travel Leaders Corporate clients across-the-board in the Fourth Quarter of 2015. “The sizeable drop in average airfares is a very positive development for our corporate accounts,” said Travel Leaders Corporate President David Holyoke.

“The decreases in fourth quarter are consistent with those we’ve seen over the last five years. However, the most recent quarterly decline brought the average cost down to 2012 levels. The contributing factors include the lowest fuel prices we’ve seen in many years and an array of ancillary fees that have offset ticket prices average cost of international business trips has decreased by more than 13% over the last year alone – a second consecutive record low for Travel Leaders Corporate clients. “International travel is where the strong dollar really flexes its muscle,” continued Holyoke. “Our corporate clients have added peace of mind that they’re maximizing every dollar spent on their international trips. The cost savings are immense.”