Big Idea for Small Meetings

The benefits of applying Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) to large, enterprise-wide meeting are well known. Your company is able to leverage your total spend, drive significant savings, enhance overall meeting performance, aggregate data, ensure brand consistency and avoid risks.

But what about your smaller meetings? Too often a company will ignore these, assuming the benefits are negligible and unworthy of time and effort.

Approximately 80% of groups and meetings are booked outside of company travel departments, bypassing their travel partners. In fact, companies have been unable to track over two thirds of their group bookings ranging from two to 25 hotel rooms for meetings with 50 or fewer participants.

These mysterious smaller meetings are being booked by executive administrators or the sales team with no support, tools, oversight or discipline. As a result, companies are losing sight of potential savings, company travel programs are losing critical data to leverage, and employees are losing their minds trying to plan a meeting that is outside the scope of their daily tasks.

Thankfully, Travel Leaders Corporate came up with a big idea to solve the small meetings problem: Meeting Management for Small Groups.

A unique web-based platform, our Small Groups Platform offers companies a way to deliver savings and efficiency without introducing complexity into the buying process, all while complying with each client company’s travel policy.

It offers easy-to-use planning assistance and self-booking resources, support for the end-users to drive efficiency in the meeting planning process, and reporting and analysis to help provide insights to the client’s meetings volume.

Instead of leaving money on the table by neglecting this large portion of their meetings and travel program, companies that utilize Small Groups have vast opportunities for savings.