Mixing Business With Pleasure, aka Bleisure

Gone are the days where business trips meant all work and no play. Business travel presents the perfect opportunity to learn another way of doing things; soaking up new cultures, working remotely, and most importantly, tacking a few leisure days onto your stay. And Travel Leaders Corporate can help you with that! With your flights, accommodation and expenses paid for, it’s not hard to see why the idea of a two-in-one trip holds so much appeal. “Bleisure represents a compromise for the dedicated businessman or woman; it offers a symbiosis through which employees can balance professional obligations with much needed R&R.” – Forbes It’s not only employees who are seeing the benefits of bleisure. Employers are also acknowledging the rewards that come with promoting a healthy work-life balance. A recent survey by the Bridgestreet Global Hospitality research firm has shown that 78% of employees recorded finding professional assignments more rewarding when a few personal days were added on to the business trip. More.