Cyber Security Tips for Travelers

As cyber-crime increases, it is important to ensure awareness. Travel Leaders Corporate would like to share a few tips to help you stay secure while traveling on your next trip whether it be business or pleasure.


UPDATE – Keep your operating system updated

ENCRYPT – Encrypt all secure information

BACK UP – Back up to another device any important information

LOCK IT – Lock your device and have a strong password


DISABLE – Disable auto connectivity and Bluetooth, allows you to stay in control of the networks you have access to.

CONFIRM – Before you connect, confirm the name of the network and login procedures while at an airport, hotel, train or bus station or cyber cafes and coffee shops. Ensure websites you go to are a secure website that begin with https://

CONNECT – Use VPN (Virtual Private Network) this secures the private network through many security measures including encryption

CAUTION – Use caution when downloading or clicking on any unknown links or opening emails from an unknown entity

PROTECT – Never leave your mobile device, laptop or USB unattended or unsecure in a public place including taxis, airports and hotels. These are areas targeted by thieves. SECURE – Do not connect to unsecure wireless networks. This can allow cyber criminals’ access to your internet enabled devices. This includes airports, hotels, cafes, public parks and tourist areas.

TRUST – Do not trust publicly accessible computers, as there is no guarantee they are secure


SCAN – Scan for possible Malware