How to Increase Engagement in Your Travel Program

During the last seconds of a football game, when your team has one chance to come from behind and win, the coach draws up a play. In order for that play to work, every member of the team must follow it to the best of their abilities. Your company’s travel program is not so different, and the sooner you get your team onboard, the sooner it will score huge dividends.

At Travel Leaders Corporate, we help companies draw up game plans every day. In order for these plans to collect the necessary data to accurately target savings opportunities, the company’s travelers must actually follow the plan. This makes it mission critical to manage traveler behaviors to see where missed opportunities are slipping by.

In our experience, travelers try to do what’s best for the company. Yet they are unaware of which actions follow policy guidelines, or they choose low-cost travel options thinking they’re saving the company money. It all boils down to a misunderstanding of why the policy was created in the first place and how compliance can positively impact vendor relationships.

On top of this, your travelers are being bombarded directly from non-preferred travel providers and reward points-giving personal credit card companies. When they follow these leads and travel outside of your policy, the whole company loses much needed data points to drive additional savings.

To increase engagement within your company and take advantage of the savings a well-made travel plan can generate, here are three key ways to keep your travelers in line.

Publicize – Make sure your travel policy is easily accessible to all stakeholders. Make a welcome kit or internal website that spells out the guidelines, lists preferred vendors and includes easy-to-follow instructions on booking procedures. And always stress the rationale and benefits of the plan—once travelers understand that your policy is more than just an arbitrary set of rules, they’ll be more inclined to comply.

Recognize – Recognize those employees who consistently follow the travel policy. One fun way to do so is to create a gamification program that rewards followers with points that can accumulate to small prizes or other company perks.

Listen – Your travelers are more than just personnel on the go – they’re also field researchers who are in the trenches every day gaining valuable insights. By encouraging them to share their feedback and suggest ways to improve the current travel policy, they become more engaged.