New Airline Rules for Smart Luggage

A number of the country’s top carriers have announced rules that would limit the use of high-tech bags, over fear of potential battery combustion. American Airlines led the charge on the ban. The carrier noted a policy change that “Beginning Jan. 15, customers who travel with a smart bag must be able to remove the battery in case the bag has to be checked at any point in the customer’s journey. If the battery cannot be removed, the bag will not be allowed.” Interestingly, the selective ban does not apply should the customer bring the luggage into the main cabin as a carry on. Once checked, however, the luggage will only be allowed if the battery is removed from the bag. That option isn’t available on all pieces of smart luggage, rendering them essentially worthless. Both Delta and Alaska have released similar policies set for the same time frame, and United Continental and Southwest are set to follow suit soon covering roughly 80-percent of air traffic in the States. More.