The Art of Travel – Maximizing Efficiency

There’s more to a business trip than the meeting. Yes, your presence at the meeting is the main reason the trip exists, yet there are other elements to your journey. There’s the car service to the airport, the lines at security and Starbucks, the flight itself, and another car service to your destination—all to be repeated on your travels home.

For a business trip to be labeled a true success depends on how much total work you can complete during your time away from the office. By maximizing efficiencies, you can stay focused on the job at hand, keeping up with communications, preparing for the meeting, and keeping your work flow on point. Here are five key strategies to do just that.

Two Bag It. Gate checking your carry-on steals time. You try to avoid it, bringing your customary roller bag and a briefcase, yet sometimes you still must gate check due to a full flight or a smaller plane. The solution is to two-bag it. By taking two, somewhat equal-sized bags—one for under the seat, and a second, flexible piece that will easily fit into the smallest of overhead bins—you’ll bypass the gate check, and you don’t have to pay extra airline fees to board early in order to place your bag first.

Cruise through Queues. TSA Precheck and Global Entry are essential programs for business travelers. Ninety-seven percent of travelers with TSA Precheck waited less than five minutes to pass through security, a process that was accelerated even more since they didn’t have to remove shoes or laptops. If you’re waiting for your application to be approved and are forced to use regular security checkpoints, you can still fast-track the process by using a checkpoint-friendly bag and by looking ahead to avoid lines that may be potentially clogged by large families, travelers in wheelchair, service pets or irregular luggage.

Keep Essentials Full. Packing is a necessity of travel, but it doesn’t have to be time consuming. If you travel once a month or more, keep a separate travel bag filled with essential charging equipment and toiletries. Having this bag —and knowing it’s always well-stocked—not only saves you time, but also gives you peace of mind as you’re rushing out the door. You may need to replenish every fifth trip, but it’s worth it to streamline the packing process.

Be Prepared. When you’re focused on the outcome of the trip, it’s essential to have your travel team focused on the trip itself. At Travel Leaders Corporate, we send proactive emails to clients traveling internationally to ensure they know which travel documents to bring, and we include links in our itineraries to travel visa and passport company CIBT to expedite the process. We also check on the details you might have overlooked, such as giving you a courtesy call when no hotel is booked during an overnight trip.

Stay Connected. When a meeting heats up and critical decisions are being made at a rapid pace, the last thing you want to do is step away from the action to confirm travel arrangements. Our clients use Travel Leaders Connect—our popular mobile communications platform—to stay connected to our travel team and quickly make any travel plan edits on the go. Travel Leaders Connect offers flight notifications, disruption alerts and a mobile chat environment to keep your travel plans fluid and up-to-date.