The Benefits of Being Mobile First

Mobility is no longer a simple attribute to be applied to new technologies; it’s a necessity, especially in an industry like ours where key stakeholders are always on the move. Those who master the mobile front have a clear advantage in business by staying connected, efficient and effective wherever they are.

This is why the technology solutions that matter are the ones that are designed mobile first.

Mobile first is new approach to design that creates an online experience for mobile users before designing it for the desktop. This was an unheard approach in the past when desktop first was the default way to go, leaving mobile design as an afterthought.

Nowadays, most websites are created to be responsive—they have the power to squeeze down and work in the mobile environment. But even these websites are missing the point, as their mobile versions are often lacking key elements that generate a positive user experience.

In the modern world, where travelers spend a dominant amount of their time on cellphones and tablets, it’s critical to prioritize handheld devices by putting them at the forefront of both strategy and implementation. And that is exactly what Travel Leaders Corporate has done with Travel Leaders CONNECT.

Travel Leaders CONNECT, our cutting-edge mobile communications platform that gives clients up-to-the-second updates as well as fast access to a dedicated agent, was created specifically for mobile devices. From the very first strategy session, we designed Travel Leaders CONNECT knowing full well how critical it will be for our clients to interact with a live travel professional and alter travel plans on the go.

So, it’s like an app, you’re thinking. Travel Leaders CONNECT is not an app. While apps are designed for mobile devices, they are operationally limited due to curtailed files sizes that must leave the smallest footprint possible in your device’s memory banks. Travel Leaders CONNECT, as a web-based program, has no such limitations.

Travel Leaders CONNECT still has a completely usable desktop version, which clients can use to book travel, make hotel reservations, rent cars and chat live with our agents. However this version is simple and direct, with no flashy elements to increase usage. Instead, we put the full focus on our mobile version, because that’s when travelers need to “CONNECT” the most.