The Fly America Act Made Simple

Any company that works with the government not only knows about the Fly America Act—they loathe it. Of course we’re referring to that government mandate that requires all travelers funded by the U.S. Government to fly on American flag carriers.

There are many considerations involved in determining the requirements, qualifications and exceptions to the Fly America Act. Bilateral agreements between governments, flight duration and determination of the gateway cities are just a few of the factors that must be considered.

It’s a complex policy with many gray areas. And yet, if your company fails to comply, you could face a strict audit, be financially penalized and be rejected for reimbursement. Furthermore, your company would be on record for non-compliance, which jeopardizes future government contracts.

Travel Leaders Corporate takes the compliance burden off our clients, making it easy for your company to observe the Fly America Act.

We will guarantee your organization’s compliance by retaining snapshots of available options at the time of booking. This streamlined documentation procedure provides you with the necessary evidence you need to prove, for an audit or RFP, that your company chose the best available, most compliant option during the booking process.

Our services equally apply to Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s), Colleges and Universities on a government grant that must adhere to the Fly America Act in accordance with GSA requirements. Travel Leaders Corporate does all the work by providing these organizations with compliant ticketing and itineraries.