The Rise of Mobile Bookings

Online bookings have been pretty predictable over the last few years. Online Travel Agencies (aka OTAs) have been the dominant player, with air and hotel websites close behind and search engines coming in third. What’s unpredictable about this mix is how much your travelers are hopscotching across these three channels, wasting valuable time in search of the almighty lowest offer.

Is there a solution right in the palm of your hand? Travel Leaders Corporate thinks so.

According to recent data research, nearly 52% of travelers who use digital means to book trips will do so using a mobile device over laptops and desktop computers in 2016. That’s an increase of nearly 10% from the year before.

More and more travelers are flocking to mobile devices for two main reasons. One, a high number of mobile-booked reservations are considered last-minute—they’re made for flights, hotels and car rentals within 24 hours of need. They’re literally booking travel on the go.

Travel suppliers are taking notice, which leads us to the second reason for increased mobile usage: suppliers are making the booking process more mobile friendly. They’re designing responsive interfaces to create better user experiences on tablets and smartphones.

But how does that solve the problem above—about your travelers wasting time hopscotching around the digital booking landscape? As more of your company’s travelers begin to adopt mobile devices as their go-to booking preference, it will become imperative for you to equip them with the right mobile tools to maximize efficiencies.

Travel Leaders Corporate’s powerful mobile booking platform—Travel Leaders Connect—is designed precisely to supply this growing demand.

A secure, device-optimized portal that connects your travelers to our agents, Travel Leaders Connect looks and feels like a familiar app. In reality, it’s a PCI-compliant instant communications link that travelers can use to chat or text with our specialized agents in real-time, all while receiving disruptions alerts and itinerary updates.

And when the traveler needs to make that last-minute booking during a break in the sales meeting—or even a regular reservation in Chicago for next month’s conference—they will not have to waste time jumping for one internet source to the next. Our agents will find the ideal rates, book it using the traveler’s pre-existing profile information and send the confirmation right through Connect.

Mobile bookings will soon become the norm. Will your company be ready?