Travel Leaders Corporate’s Consulting Combines Increased Efficiencies with Cost Savings for Clients

Travel Leaders Corporate  officially announced the full details of its new, advanced Consulting & Analytics program. Businesses seeking in-depth data analysis leading to increased efficiencies and cost-savings can select from the following three options: data consolidation, advanced analytics development or full travel consulting. To date, clients who are maximizing utilization of Travel Leaders Corporate’s full travel consulting package are realizing a return on investment (ROI) of 3-to-1 or greater. All businesses can take advantage of Travel Leaders Corporate’s Consulting offering; it is not reserved solely for travel fulfillment clients.

“With travel comprising such an integral part of business P&Ls, it is a perfect area to utilize advanced analytics to drive efficiency and cost savings,” stated David Holyoke, President of Travel Leaders Corporate. “We have engineered a next generation reporting stack to address the growing needs to service big data, and created a travel consulting offering to provide businesses, of any size, with actionable insights. Our Consulting & Analytics team is able to take big data and transform it into smart data to save each client company time and money on their travel spend.”

Travel Leaders Corporate’s entry level of engagement provides data consolidation – integrating multiple agency, card and expense information feeds, including those from any of the most-widely used expense systems in the marketplace, into one data set. To accomplish this, Travel Leaders Corporate has built a proprietary database, referred to as Agile Data Mart (ADM). The ADM gives Travel Leaders Corporate the ability to facilitate data integration and control the custom algorithms and error routines applied to client data. Travel Leaders Corporate extends its capabilities to integrate complex data sources from around the globe for businesses selecting this initial level of consulting.

The second tier of Consulting & Analytics expertise that businesses may select offers advanced analytics development. Travel Leaders Corporate assigns a financial analyst to each account, who utilizes the data from the ADM to build a complex analytics dashboard that identifies vendor targets and travel policy modifications. Clients are provided access to dedicated online and mobile sites, allowing them to interact with their data.  The sites combine advanced storyboarding capabilities and fully interactive dashboards. The dashboards provide the opportunity for clients to clearly see the big picture of their business travel costs as well as to drill down into specific details to unlock the full depth of their data, allowing for deep statistics and trend analysis.

The most sophisticated level of engagement offered by Travel Leaders Corporate is its full travel consulting. Utilizing the ADM and advanced analytics, Travel Leaders Corporate’s dedicated team of travel consultants capitalizes on the full scope of a client’s travel data in order to provide a comprehensive savings guidance plan, increase visibility, target savings and drive hard dollar ROI. The team – consisting of financial and sourcing analysts and its complement of business travel experts – zeroes in on ideal strategies, identifies key behavioral attributes of clients’ travelers and educates them so adoption rates of new travel policies – focused on preferred vendors and targeting the lowest available fares – can improve. This process includes integration into Travel Leaders Corporate’s contract management database, with unlimited access and comprehensive alerts, unlimited rate and contract auditing, and unlimited sourcing and RFP activities.

“The breadth of detail, expertise, knowledge and institutional relationships we’ve combined in our Consulting & Analytics offerings is unmatched in business travel,” said Parker Schlank, Vice President of Consulting & Analytics at Travel Leaders Corporate. “The efficiencies gained through each level of engagement has become invaluable to clients who generally see a ROI of at least 3-to-1, if not significantly more. To independently build this degree of complex analytics would potentially be five-times as expensive as engaging with our proven, streamlined Consulting & Analytics offering. Any company wishing to maximize their travel dollars should be taking advantage of this service.”

For more information on Travel Leaders Corporate’s Consulting & Analytics or to take advantage of its personalized service and cutting-edge corporate business travel solutions that provide a complete travel enrichment experience, email or call 877-404-4173.